About us

Establish on 2004 started with a strong managerial foundation and excellent technical expertise. Practicing client priority system delivering high quality service policy, Accuracy in implementation of product specifications, meets & provides clients requirements. Technical planning and engineering commence by our highly trained and certified technical personnel.


The mission of Smart Security & Safety is to add value to our customers' business operations with quality security systems, services, and support. We provide innovative technology solutions to help our customers protect assets, provide a secure workplace, and increase operating effectiveness.


Smart Security & Safety will be the industry leader in the design, installation and support of integrated security systems with a commitment to total customer satisfaction. Smart Security & Safety will be the employer and supplier of choice in electronic security.

Message from the CEO


Our commitment for our customer is for us to grow daily by valuing every process more than events. Decisively, we are giving ourselves up by providing intensive best offers and services for our clients' needs in order for us to grow up. We are motivated to perspire because our dream of the future is vast. Success is setting up priorities and willing to sacrifice pleasure for an opportunity.